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Free Six Pack Abs Workout

Do you want ripped abs?

Are you tired of having a flabby "muffin-top" mid-section?

Do you hate going to the gym, doing sit-ups, running long distances and other boring exercises?

Are you finally ready to lose the "love handles" and get those 6-pack abs you've always dreamed of.

If so, then you're in the right place...

This Free Six Pack Abs Workout was designed to help you burn belly fat and get rock hard 6-pack abs with NO sit-ups, crunches or long boring cardio session.

It took me nearly 25 years to develop these unique belly fat burning workouts and now I want to share them with you.

Sign-up today to give the AbTension System - Basic Program a try - absolutely FREE.

When you sign-up, you'll be added to my special "Beta Testers" list...a select group of individuals that will receive the AbTension System - Basic Program BEFORE it's released to the Public.


Only sign-up for this report if you want a step-by-step guide to getting:

  • A flatter stomach 
  • A stronger core 
  • Ripped 6-pack Abs 
  • Better fitness without traditional "cardio" 

If you're looking for bigger muscles, advice on running a marathon or a review of the best gym to go to...then please DO NOT sign-up for this report.

But if you're ready to receive my in-depth advice for getting a sexy six-pack midsection...with unique tips and strategies you won't get FREE anywhere else...than go ahead and enter your name and primary e-mail address below and click "Add Me."

YES...I want 6-pack abs!
Add me to the Beta Testers Group!



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All I ask in return is your honest feedback on how my system worked for you. In about 30 days I will send you a survey asking for your feedback. Just let me know what you thought.

That's it!



Pete Genot
The Abtension System


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Gut Busting Secrets for Losing Belly Fat
Start losing your belly fat today!



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