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In my opinion, you won't ever need another system to help you get ripped six-pack abs...

The AbTension System is the ultimate guide to burning belly fat and getting a rock-hard mid-section without sit-ups, crunches or long boring cardio.

But...everybody needs a change once in a while.

Heck, even I'll admit to changing my ab training routines every now and then.

I like variety and I like to try other peoples' systems and compare them to mine.

I'll be honest...I haven't found one yet that beats The AbTension System for getting maximum results in minimum time.

But there are some that I really like...and they are very effective.

The bottom line is this...

If you're looking for the best ab training program that will give you the fastest results in the least amount of time, then you need to get The AbTension System.

If you want to try something different because you need some more variety every once in a while, then check out the ab training programs listed below.

I wouldn't recommend them if they didn't work...and if they are listed on this page, then they passed "the Mom Test."

This means...

I feel good enough about these products to recommend them to my own Mother...so you can feel good about them too.

So go ahead and check out the recommended ab training programs listed below. If you'd like to see a product reviewed or think I'm missing anything, just let me know.

I'd also like to hear your comments/feedback if you do try out one of these products.

Product Reviews

  • Turbulence Training for Abs Review
    Turbulence Training for Abs review: This program promises six-pack abs and a flat stomach without sit-ups, crunches or cardio. Does it live up to the hype or is it just another waste of time? Read more...

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