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Recommended Fitness Products

MOST of the exercises in The AbTension System can be done with your own bodyweight, so you don't need to buy any additional equipment.


If you want MAXIMUM results in the least amount of time, these are some the exact same products that I personally use to help develop my abs, build muscle, lose fat and improve cardio fitness.


Ab WheelAb Wheels


VersaBack The VersaBack is an effective device for strengthening your lower back and abs. Stability ball can be removed and used seperately.


Ab Straps <<= Ab Straps

Gym Boss<<= Gymboss GB2009 SILVER Interval Timer

Speed Jump Rope<<= Valeo Deluxe Speed Jump Rope

Floor Mats <<= Anti-Fatige Interlocking EVA Foam Flooring

Save NOW on Kettlebells <<= Try Kettlebells for an intnese full-body workout


PowerBlock PowerBlock is the best adjustable dumbbell ever made, and an essential component for your home gym.



Accu-Measure Accu-Measure is an accurate and inexpensive body fat caliper that makes it easy to test your body fat level in the privacy and convenience of your own home.


Perfect Pullup <<= Perfect Pullup 


 Magic Bullet  <<= Magic Bullet Deluxe 22 Piece Set


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